Round2 in the 13th Computer Olympiad (第二回合)

Format: X-Y-W means that X holds black (first) and Y white (second); W means W wins, B means B wins, and D means both tie.
(格式說明:X-Y-W 代表 X 持黑先;Y 持白後;W表示白贏,若是 B 表示黑贏。)

  • Bitstronger -CV6-B
  • CV6-Bitstronger -W
  • ML-NTNU C6-W
  • NTNU C6-ML-W
  • BCCC-NEU6Star-Draw
  • NEU6Star-BCCC-W
  • NCTU6_Lite-Kavalan-B
  • Kavalan-NCTU6_Lite-W

    Commented by NCTU6: Black defended well before 39. The lower Black 39 should be more aggressive to be close to 37. In this case, Black has high chances to win. After 40, White is safe. White 44 is good to attack and defend. White 46 is a sure win. This is a weak game for NCTU6-Lite.