Round 8 in the 13th Computer Olympiad (第八回合)

Format: X-Y-W means that X holds black (first) and Y white (second); W means W wins, B means B wins, and D means both tie.
(格式說明:X-Y-W 代表 X 持黑先;Y 持白後;W表示白贏,若是 B 表示黑贏。)

  • Bitstronger-BCCC-W
  • BCCC-Bitstronger -B

    Comments made by NCTU6: In this game, BCCC defended well initially and actually had several chances to win. For example, Black 27 should make a sure win with a dead 4 in the upper-right. Black 31, 33, 35 still had sure-win moves. However, after Black 35, Black lost sure-win chances and lost the game finally. This is another game that Bitstronger had some weak situation.
  • NCTU6_Lite-Dream 6-B
  • Dream 6-NCTU6_Lite-W